Bursary Policy


The purpose of this Conditional Bursary Policy is to set the framework for the provision of financial assistance to individuals who wish to pursue formal studies in the field of pension law through a recognised higher education institution.


For individuals to be considered for financial assistance under this Conditional Bursary Policy, they must satisfy the following criteria:

  • – They must be South African Citizens. Preference would be given to (females, previously disadvantaged, etc) and self-funded students with an annual gross income of such amount as the Steering Committee (“SC”) of the Pension Lawyers Association (“PLA”) decides from time to time.
  • – Applicants must submit evidentiary proof that they are employed in the employee benefits space.
  • – Applicants to submit proof that they have been admitted to enrol for a recognised qualification in pension law at a recognised academic institution.
  • – Applicants must submit proof of financial need.


3.1 All applicants awarded the Bursary shall submit regular progress reports issued by the academic institution with which he or she is enrolled as proof in respect of his or her studies.

3.2 Financial assistance shall be granted to the student for the duration of their studies, provided that they successfully progress their studies to completion within the period stipulated by the SC. If the studies are not progressed within the stipulated period the Bursary is cancelled unless the SC at its discretion decides otherwise.

3.3 If a student who is awarded the Bursary discontinues his or her studies, he or she shall be liable to repay all the fees that have already been paid unless the SC at its discretion decides otherwise.

3.4 The total period of study towards a qualification must not extend for more than the minimum or prescribed period as applicable to part-time study.


  • Application forms may be obtained by downloading them from our website.
  • Applications should be done in writing and addressed to admin@pensionlawyers.co.za
  • The application should include, amongst others, the full details of the intended course to be studied.
  • The application should contain details of all expenses involved in the study as well as the amount of the financial assistance required.
  • Pension Lawyers Association reserves the right to request further information should that be considered necessary.
  • Pension Lawyers Association shall have the right to reject any application at its discretion.
  • Only certified copies should be attached where required.


5.1 Pension Lawyers Association shall pay for so much of the following as the SC at the discretion decides for an academic year:

– Full tuition; and
– Prescribed books

5.2 The applicant shall be required to furnish the Pension Lawyers Association with official proof of acceptance/admission by the institution and official proof of fees payable.

5.3 The amount payable in terms of financial assistance shall be payable on a per academic year basis with no guarantee of continuation of financial assistance the following year.


6.1 The Bursary is awarded at the discretion of the SC which may, at its discretion, relax certain conditions of the Bursary should circumstances so require.